1 Peter

(Talk) Stand fast in the Gospel (1 Peter 5)

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Because of what’s happened on the cross, and where the worlds heading, it shapes how we live in Christian community.

(Talk) Suffering – 1 Peter 5

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You’re going to suffer. God knows what that’s like – he suffered himself. So Peter’s call is to stand firm and entrust yourself to the faithful God who loves you, bled for you, and promises that suffering will one day end.

(Talk) God’s People in the World (1 Peter 2:11-3:12)

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God calls his people to live in such a way that unbelievers might see their good deeds and glorify God. The motivation for all of this? Christ Jesus, the example we want to trace over.

(Talk) New People (1 Peter 1:22-2:10)

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As re-born people of God we live new lives. Lives which can enjoy and experience real rest, because they have a firm foundation: Christ Jesus the cornerstone.

(Talk) Chosen People (1 Peter 1:1-21)

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Peter begins his letter by telling us that there is nothing arbitrary about our life here on earth. We have been chosen by God into a living hope which determines how we ought to live our lives in this temporary world.