(talk) Under Control (Acts 21-24)

It is often through ordinary means that God provides us with what we need in order to be faithful to Jesus.

(talk) Explosive Gospel Power (Mission 3) Acts 18-21

Why is it so hard to speak about Jesus? How can we share the gospel even in the face of losing things we value? Because in Jesus we have everything we need.

(Talk) Where You’re At (Mission 2b) Acts 17

As Paul walks around Athens his belief in Jesus doesn’t cause him to look down or patronise those who are different from him. Instead, he sees it as a point of learning. He realises he’s surrounded by real people with real needs and through love he engages with them in a language they’ll understand. Why? Because the gospel addresses everyone’s deepest human need.

(Talk) Shine Like Stars (Mission 2a) Acts 16

Church isn’t always easy. And for some, it’s downright difficult. So how does a church that stared with a businesswoman, a slave girl, and a Roman jailer go on to shine like a star in the sky? Acts 16 tells us how – and gives our own churches some help along the way.

(Talk) Saved By Grace (Acts 15:1-35)

If God’s grace is a free gift then why does it feel as if the church places terms and conditions on it?

(talk) Worthless Things (Mission 1: Acts 13-14)

Jesus Christ is the risen Son of God – the one through whom forgiveness of sins and new life comes. The gospel is good news, then, because it connects us to this living God.

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(Talk): Unstoppable (Acts 11:18-12:24)

The word of God continues to overcome secular and religious boundaries in Acts. But for us, when days are dark, can we really rely on the gospel to be unstoppable? And will we as God’s people help get this message out or will we keep it to ourselves?

(Talk) Acts 10-11 – The Gospel for all

God’s grace is both beautiful & uncomfortable. It is an offer of freedom unparalleled, while being a truth that pierces our hearts and makes us rethink our prejudice.

(Talk) Acts 9 – Better call Saul

God can change even the hardest of hearts.

(Talk) Acts 8 – Change & the Power of the Gospel

We often think the Gospel is merely a story, a message. But Acts, and history, show us that the Gospel is God’s message of transformation for the world. Acts 8 shows us that with the Samaritans, Simon the Sorcerer and the most unlikely convert – Philip the Eunech.


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