Genesis 11 – Derek

Talk: Noah & the Flood (Genesis 5-10)

It looks like a nice story…until you stop to think about it. How can God justify what goes on, and where is the loving, generous God that we so often hear about? Have a listen to see how much God grieves over the state of the world, how reluctantly he judges, and how he sent Jesus so that he could save people instead.

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Talk: Genesis 4 – Cain & Abel

Two brothers, one murder. How did it get to this?

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Talk: Genesis 3 – The Fall

We all know the story…but what’s it saying about mankind, God & sin? What does this first story about mankind pushing God away tell us about what the problem is and how Jesus fixes it?

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Talk: Genesis & Rest

What does the Bible have to say about rest, work & where God fits in.

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Talk: Genesis 2 – In the Image of God

What does it mean to be human? Hear what Genesis 2 says sets us apart.

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Talk: Genesis 1 – In the beginning God…

The first talk in our Genesis 1-11 series. In this one we’ll talk a little bit about the issues surrounding Genesis, as well as drilling down on Genesis 1 to see how the world started, and how the Bible sets the tone for what God is doing in the world.

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