(Talk) James 4-5 – Perspective

Wisdom is more than living in light of the here and now. It’s living life in light of God’s eternity.

(Talk) James 4 – Repentance

Just like Jesus said you can’t serve both God & money, James has his own take on it. You can’t be friends with the world AND friends with God. What does that mean, and what does that look like?

(Talk) James 3:13-18 – Wisdom

Wisdom isn’t seen in what you say, but what you do.

(Talk) James 3:1-12 – The Tongue

How we use our tongue should reflect who we are.

(Talk) James 2 – Favouritism

The Gospel helps us see ourselves, and others, in the same light. As sinners saved by the grace of God.

(Talk) James 1- Do-ers

It’s not good enough to hear the word. Do what it says.

(Talk) James 1 – Trials

We all know we’re going to face trials in life. The questions are, what do we do with, what’s God doing through them, and how do we endure so that we become better not bitter?


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