(talk) Sam McGeown – Zacchaeus (Luke 19)

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When Jesus walks through Jericho he takes upon himself the shame that Zacchaeus drowns in. When Zacchaeus experiences this his response to such an act is one of a transformed heart. When Christ went to the cross, he did the same for us!

(talk) Easter Sunday: For the Joy set Before Him

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On Easter Sunday we came together to celebrate the event which Christianity itself hinges upon: The resurrection of Jesus Christ! In this talk, David Cook beautifully unpacks for us how the power of the resurrection is working in those who believe!

(talk) Good Friday: For the Joy set Before Him

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Our Good Friday talks pt. 1 & 2, ending with a spoken word from Nat Carse. On Good Friday we gathered together to remember and reflect upon the death of Jesus. In these two short, reflective talks, we explore what exactly Christ’s death achieved in the heavens and what his death achieved here on earth – finishing with how this might impact our lives today.

(talk) Lost and Found (Luke 2)

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Christmas is the time of year we celebrate a saviour who came into this world to seek and save the lost. But according to the angels’ first announcement of Jesus’ coming, in order to be found by God we need to get God’s favour so that we can have peace with God. And this is what Christmas is all about: God’s gift of peace to us in the form of a baby, Jesus.

(talk) Why Didn’t Jesus Save Himself? (Luke 23)

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Three times in Luke 23 Jesus is tempted to save himself … And why not? He’s the Son of God, he could have jumped down off the cross anytime and wiped out the ‘bad guys’. But even though we might tend toward saving ourselves from difficult situations, Jesus didn’t. Why? Because Jesus came to give himself in order to save us.

(Talk) Why PNG for Heaven’s sake? – Keith Birchley

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Keith & Marion Birchley are heading to PNG in 2015 to work in bringing the Gospel to students there with the Church Missionary Society. Looking particularly at Luke 9:57-61, with reference to 1 Kings 19:9-21, Keith explains why.

(Talk) Love your Enemies – Luke 6

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God doesn’t call us to just tolerate our enemies, but to love them. Just as He does towards us.