Talk: Hope Unmasked (Mark 16)

Jesus isn’t dead, he’s alive! And there’s no better day than Easter Sunday to remember that God is inviting us to experience the resurrection of Jesus. An invitation that gives real power and hope to those who believe.

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Talk: Alone in Mask

Why is Jesus in such agony leading up to his death? Didn’t he know this was going to happen? It’s because Jesus is facing something that no-one else has handled before, God’s wrath so that we don’t have to.

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Talk: No need for a mask (Mark 14)

There’s a new covenant, this one brought in by the blood of Jesus. And it means there’s no need to hide, everything that we’d normally hide has been washed away.

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Talk: Unmasking Wolves (Mark 12:1-12)

Jesus isn’t just another religious guy you can dismiss…he’s the guy who determines where you stand with God. How you respond to him is how you respond to God.

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Talk: Living Unmasked (Mark 11)

We’re back into Mark, picking up where we left off in 2013. Jesus is in Jerusalem, in conflict with the religious leaders…pushing them to come to God honestly, repentently…to unmask themselves & give up their hypocrisy.

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Mark 9 – Derek

Study: Mark 9:30-50

Here’s the last Growth Group study for the year, on Mark 9:30-50. The Sunday following this passage, we’re having our Community Carols service, so that week in Growth Groups will be just dinner with your group, giving thanks for the year and praying that the Sunday event will be fantastic.


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