Summer Series

(talk) The Moral High Ground (Judges 1:1-15)

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What do you do when you get nagging doubts about your own credibility? Can you authentically keep going? In this talk, Peter Kutuzov takes us through how we must bank on Jesus’ obedience instead of our own. Because the hill Jesus died on is the only moral high ground you have.

(talk) Psalm 131: A Heart at Peace

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What does it feel like to have a heart at peace? How can we wean ourselves off of the gifts of God to get to a place where we’re content to simply have God himself – to sit in his lap like a little child? In this talk, Philip McGann takes us through the Psalm which is thought to be the “easiest to read and hardest to learn.” And he provides helpful tips along the way to check the health levels of our fickle human heart.

(talk) Lost and Found (Luke 2)

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Christmas is the time of year we celebrate a saviour who came into this world to seek and save the lost. But according to the angels’ first announcement of Jesus’ coming, in order to be found by God we need to get God’s favour so that we can have peace with God. And this is what Christmas is all about: God’s gift of peace to us in the form of a baby, Jesus.

(talk) Why Didn’t Jesus Save Himself? (Luke 23)

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Three times in Luke 23 Jesus is tempted to save himself … And why not? He’s the Son of God, he could have jumped down off the cross anytime and wiped out the ‘bad guys’. But even though we might tend toward saving ourselves from difficult situations, Jesus didn’t. Why? Because Jesus came to give himself in order to save us.