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Confronting Christianty: A Holiday Mini-Series

How Can You Take the Bible Literally?

By Confronting Christianty: A Holiday Mini-Series, Talks

This week we are wrapping up our Holiday miniseries in confronting Christianity. The Bible is hands down the best-selling book of all time. It’s also the most misunderstood. So how can we take the Bible literally? The key is found in appreciating the many genres of Scripture and how they help us grasp, from many beautiful angles, the one true story of the Bible: the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Doesn’t Christianity Hinder Women?

By Confronting Christianty: A Holiday Mini-Series, Talks

We’re into our second talk in our Confronting Christianity series: Doesn’t Christianity Hinder Women? It’s fair to say that ‘religion’ & ‘women’s rights’ aren’t often used in the same sentence. And yet, in this talk we explore the basis for human rights; how Jesus elevated women in a way that was completely counter-cultural; therefore providing the foundation for the Christian church to champion women’s rights like no other historical movement has.

How Can a Loving God Allow So Much Suffering?

By Confronting Christianty: A Holiday Mini-Series, Talks

Welcome to Village Church. We’re a community that’s all about loving Jesus and loving one another. To find out more, head to, we’d love to hear from you. This week we are beginning our holiday mini-series, Confronting Christianity, in which we will wrestle with some of the bigger questions of the Christian faith and how we can live faithfully for Jesus in the greyer areas of life. This week, we’re going to be asking how a loving God could allow so much suffering in the world, and what hope or help is out there when we ourselves face the troubles and terrors of life?