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The Resurrection (Luke 24:1-35)

By Easter, Luke, Talks

Easter Sunday celebrates the most astounding event in history: Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. In this passage from Luke, we hear about Jesus’ first interaction with his followers after he was raised from the dead. Jesus revealed his identity to them, walked with them, and explained how all of the Bible was pointing to his death and resurrection. And it’s in this same hope that we can know that God has defeated death, that we can have a resurrection hope throughout our lives, and that we can have a sure hope in the face of death.

A Plea, a Prayer and a Promise (Luke 23:26-49)

By Easter, Luke, Talks

Jesus was crucified between two others, and in the story of Luke, these two dying men show us two different responses to Jesus. Either we can trust our lives to him, even in the last moments of our life, and be with him in paradise, or we can reject him and his death, and die apart from Jesus. It’s in this hope, in the cross of Christ, that we rejoice on Good Friday.

The Crown of Honour (John 21:1-17)

By Easter, Talks

Shortly after Jesus rose from the dead, he approaches Peter, just as he did the first time he met him: on a beach, as he’s fishing. Peter is his failed disciple, who denied his Lord three times. But in four episodes, Jesus revisits Peter’s failures, and redeems them. Jesus meets his disciple at four points of shame, in order to gently restore him to honour.

The Crown of Shame (Matthew 27:24-44)

By Easter, Talks

Before he was lead to the cross, Jesus was mocked and abused for calling himself king. But on the cross, Jesus was lifted up as the true king of his strange and upside-down kingdom: where there is power in weakness, glory in shame, and life in death. On the cross, we can see Jesus’ complete brokenness and vulnerability. And we can see that he knows exactly what it’s like to be us. Whatever we’ve faced, God knows, and God can meet us there.

Good Friday: For the Joy set Before Him

By Easter, Luke, Talks

Our Good Friday talks pt. 1 & 2, ending with a spoken word from Nat Carse. On Good Friday we gathered together to remember and reflect upon the death of Jesus. In these two short, reflective talks, we explore what exactly Christ’s death achieved in the heavens and what his death achieved here on earth – finishing with how this might impact our lives today.