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Love For Others (Jonah 4)

By Jonah, Talks

In the final talk in our mini-series through Jonah, Jayesh beautifully takes us through the main reason why the author wrote this book. And in so doing, he compares and contrasts Jonah’s love for others with God’s love for his creation – and how we as Christians might live in light of God’s generous mercy toward us in Jesus.

The Fear of God (Jonah 1)

By Jonah, Talks

In this talk, our good friend Jayesh takes us through the first chapter of Jonah in this series he’s called “The Portrait of a Pathetic Prophet.” The fear of God is a massive topic to consider, particularly as our culture seems to have given up language that helps us grasp “fear” as a potentially good and healthy emotion. Jayesh puts it to us that when it comes to God, we should not primarily relate to Him in fear, and yet neither should we abandon this way of relating to God altogether.