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Joy to the World (Christmas)

Jesus: God With Us

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When we think about Christmas do we think first and foremost about joy? Because God sent his Son Jesus into the world to be with us and bring us his joy. He didn’t come merely to make us “happy” but to deal with all our miserable sin once and for all so that we can know God and experience his invincible, irrefutable joy.

A Light Has Dawned (Isaiah 9:1-7)

By Christmas, Holiday Talks, Joy to the World (Christmas), Talks

As though a switch is turned on in a pitch-black room, God promised that one day a light would dawn and turn all darkness to light. In the birth of Jesus Christ, this light has dawned, and we can enjoy the light of the world in the birth of this promised child.

A Tale of Two Sons (Isaiah 7:2-16)

By Christmas, Holiday Talks, isaiah, Joy to the World (Christmas), Talks

After King Ahaz hears about Assyria coming to attack his country, he starts running around in a panic. So God sends Isaiah and his son to remind Ahaz to trust in the Lord, like a tiny, dependent child. But after Ahaz refuses, God promises him a sign anyway: a child born of a virgin, named Immanuel, who would be “God with us,” ultimately fulfilled in the Christmas message, in the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas: All God Wants for Christmas (Matthew 2)

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Christmas is a beautiful time where we give generously, love sacrificially, and eat too much food. But how often do we stop and reflect on what God wants for Christmas? In this talk, we see how God can use the most unlikely scenarios – even constipation! – to bring people to a place where they can see and recognise the worth of a little baby born in a watering trough.

Christmas: Humanity Revisited (Hebrews 2)

By Joy to the World (Christmas), Talks

In our new mini-series, titled “Joy to the World,” we’re peeling back the layers of familiarity that surround the Christmas story in order to get underneath the well-known nativity scene and gaze upon the many varied and beautiful reasons why Jesus came to earth. In this first talk, we celebrate Jesus who came to earth as a new representative for humanity – a Second Adam who came to our rescue in order to reverse the curse that the first Adam brought into this world through his rebellion against God. Because on Christmas day, the story of humanity was replayed, but this time with a completely different outcome!