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Mary’s Song (Luke 1:46-56)

By Christmas, Luke, Talks

In the lead up to Christmas, we’re going to be singing a lot of carols and Christmas songs. But in this three-week mini-series, we will be going all the way back to the original Christmas story, to hear some of the songs that were sung about the birth of Jesus. In this talk, we look at Mary’s song of joy and faith, and how it points us to the Christmas story.

Living Lives of Faith (Luke 17:1-18:8)

By Luke, Talks

Jesus says that life will be difficult. Our hearts are full of longing, especially at a time like right now. So how are we meant to live our lives in the face of crisis? By faith. In this talk we explore three ways we can be growing in our faith so that we can better love and serve our neighbours. 

Love For the Lost (Luke 15)

By Luke, Talks

In this chapter, we hear three parables, we see God’s gracious love to treasure and seek out those who are lost. The stories show us a wealthy sheep owner seeking out his lost sheep, a woman searching for her lost coin, and a Father seeking his two sons. The final story shows us two ways that we can turn away from God; through rebellion, and through a loveless obedience. But we see God’s gracious love to seek both sons.

Warnings and Woes (Luke 11:14–12:3)

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As Jesus continues to make his way toward the cross, he confronts a tapestry of unbelief: those who deny Jesus, those who make demands of Jesus, and those who destroy the word and work of Jesus. Through these strong warnings, we find that it matters how you get Jesus. Yet tucked away in these three warnings and six woes is also one blessing. And we’re told how we can receive God’s blessing for ourselves.

The Nature of Discipleship (Luke 10:1–11:13)

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As Jesus begins his journey to Jerusalem, and toward the cross, he begins to unpack to those around him what the pattern of the cross looks like for his followers. In some of the most famous stories every told, we hear about the Good Samaritan and the Lord’s Prayer, and how these point to a new heart that God has given us – one that re-shapes our priorities and relationships.

The Resurrection (Luke 24:1-35)

By Easter, Luke, Talks

Easter Sunday celebrates the most astounding event in history: Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. In this passage from Luke, we hear about Jesus’ first interaction with his followers after he was raised from the dead. Jesus revealed his identity to them, walked with them, and explained how all of the Bible was pointing to his death and resurrection. And it’s in this same hope that we can know that God has defeated death, that we can have a resurrection hope throughout our lives, and that we can have a sure hope in the face of death.