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The Trinity: Knowing God as Father

By Talks, Trinity

It’s a tricky subject: knowing, addressing, and relating to God as ‘Father’. What does it mean for those who’ve had a bad experience of fatherhood? What does it seem to say about masculinity over and against femininity?

In this talk, Mark Baddeley leads us through the hang-ups we often face when trying to know God as Father while highlighting the everlasting love that has always existed between the Father and the Son. Spoiler alert: the implication for humanity is that we get swept up in this love.

The Trinity: Knowing God Through the Son

By Talks, Trinity

How can we be certain that we know who God is? How does God think, act, feel, work? In this first of three talks on the Trinity, Mark Baddeley takes us through how Jesus Christ makes God the Father crystal clear to us, even today. (Note: Q&A included at the end)