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Thrive: Building Up the Body (Ephesians 4:10–32)

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Welcome to Village Church. We’re a community that’s all about loving Jesus and loving one another. To find out more, head to, we’d love to hear from you. This week, Phil is wrapping up our Thrive series by looking at our last topic: Building up the Body, from Ephesians 4 and what it has to say about how we can be speaking the truth in love to one another.

The Gospel on Trial (Acts 24-26)

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Welcome to Village Church. We’re a community that’s all about loving Jesus and loving one another. To find out more, head to, we’d love to hear from you. This week we are continuing out series in Acts, with Phil opening up chapters 24-26 and examining how Paul uses his testimony to preach the gospel message during his trial, and how we can learn to use our stories for the Gospel too.

Authority in Love (2 Cor. 10)

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Welcome to Village Church. We’re a community that’s all about Jesus. To find out more, head to We’d love to hear from you. In this talk, we explore what makes a healthy church. Specifically, how we understand our relationship with power and authority – as individuals, as leaders, and as a church.

Warnings and Woes (Luke 11:14–12:3)

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As Jesus continues to make his way toward the cross, he confronts a tapestry of unbelief: those who deny Jesus, those who make demands of Jesus, and those who destroy the word and work of Jesus. Through these strong warnings, we find that it matters how you get Jesus. Yet tucked away in these three warnings and six woes is also one blessing. And we’re told how we can receive God’s blessing for ourselves.

The Nature of Discipleship (Luke 10:1–11:13)

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As Jesus begins his journey to Jerusalem, and toward the cross, he begins to unpack to those around him what the pattern of the cross looks like for his followers. In some of the most famous stories every told, we hear about the Good Samaritan and the Lord’s Prayer, and how these point to a new heart that God has given us – one that re-shapes our priorities and relationships.

Proclaim (2 Timothy 3:10-4:22)

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The closing of 2 Timothy brings us in on some of Paul’s final words before he’s put to death for his Christian faith. In this final speech, he wants to make sure that his spiritual son Timothy has everything he needs to stand firm in the gospel. Similarly, Christians today live in a hostile culture, and an immature faith will not cut it when living in Australia. Therefore, we need to take to heart Paul’s final words in order to stand firm today and pass the good news about Jesus on to others.

Our Song in Christ (Psalm 98)

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Something magical happens when a song can speak straight into your heart. And in this song, we hear all of creation singing to God. Why? Because he is the saviour, the king, and the judge. And on the night when Jesus came into the world, he was met with singing – for the saviour, king, and judge of our heart has arrived.

The Faithful Witness (Revelation 1)

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In the opening vision of Revelation, the risen Christ appears to John to encourage him, in the “affliction, kingdom, and endurance that are in Jesus.” This vision of Christ is glorious, his words are comforting, and this vision opens the door for all the hope that is about to come throughout the book.

The Sunday Gathering: A Guide to Serving at Village Church

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At the start of the year we ran an event called Village Boot Camp. It was an opportunity for us to think through the Sunday gathering, why we do what we do, and how we do it – as well as providing some hands-on training for certain areas of serving at church.

As Village continues to grow, we thought it best to try to capture what was discussed at Boot Camp and in conversation with one another who attended. What follows is our best attempt to provide a Style Guide for how we lead and participate in the formal part of our Sunday gathering. It’s not perfect, but it’s designed in part to capture and implement the “feel” of Village Church, as well as providing us all with a biblical foundation for our gathered worship.

So if you’re someone who’s involved in music, MCing, preaching, praying or reading the Bible up the front – or you’re just curious as to what sort of biblical conviction or thought process goes into shaping our order of service – then please download our Sunday Serving Guide (by clicking this link) and have a read!