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Welcome to Village Church! We’re a community that exists because of Jesus in order to help each other grow to be like Jesus and to love others so that they catch a glimpse of Jesus in the way we live.

Here are three ways this plays out at Village Church:

God’s Word
We believe that God really speaks today and the way He speaks is through the Bible. Therefore, we want to work hard to understand and apply God’s Word and we think this works best in community. No one person is the expert and no one person stands above the other. Together we’re shaped by God working through His Word, by His Holy Spirit, to recreate us in the image of His Son, Jesus.
Grace & Authenticity
The gospel of Jesus is all about grace. It tells us what we’re like: people who fall well short of our own expectations, not to mention God’s. It also tells us that God loves and saves us regardless of who we are. The gospel is God’s unmerited favour in saving us when we couldn’t save ourselves. So in everything we do at Village, we don’t want to pretend we’re anything more than that: people utterly reliant on God’s goodness in Jesus Christ.
Transformed, Sacrificial Lives
We believe that God, by Christ’s Spirit, changes His people. He gives us new hearts and works in our lives so that bit by bit we grow to reflect the person He is making us to be: people who look like Jesus, who live lives of humble, self-sacrificial love.

If you’re new and want to hear a bit more about who we are and what we’re on about, then download our Welcome Booklet below:

Welcome to Village Booklet

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An introduction to the vision, mission, and key values of Village Church

If you’re considering taking the next step in calling Village your home, then come join us at DNA – an introduction to the life, ministry, and mission of Village Church. It will be an opportunity to meet some of the team, hear our story, find out what we’re on about, and ask your questions along the way. By the end of it, you’ll know what next steps you can take here at Village.

DNA runs from 1–3:00pm on a Sunday afternoon at The Village Centre in Kelvin Grove (8 Carraway Street). To find out when the next one is, email DNA@vc.org.au or register below to attend. We’d love to see you there!

Real Stories

Watch how this really plays out in the lives of some Villagers