Welcome to Forty-Five! Following on from our Isaiah Bible readings, we’re hoping to get as many people as we can within Village Church opening up and reading the bible together. We know you’re busy, which is why it’s called Forty-Five: it’s just 45 minutes a week near wherever you work, study, or can get to.

The aim is not to create one more thing you have to do – it’s entirely optional. The aim is to make reading God’s Word both by ourselves, and with others, a habit we form and which stays with us for life. Some are great at this, some struggle. So doing it together can encourage others and give us tools we might not have.

We’ll be working our way through Romans in the last quarter of the year. Each Monday on this page we’ll publish a short reading from Romans, and 4-5 questions to help you talk and think your way through it. No preparation, just opening, reading and discussing.

Feel free to hook up with someone you alread know works, studies or lives near you and/or fill in the form below and we’ll try to connect people (same gender) who are near one another.

The whole point of Forty-Five is to be easily accessible, low-stress, and within a confined time so you can fit it in. If you’ve any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us.

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