Financially Supporting the Community of Village

Giving away what we have is a privilege.

It’s a way for us to reflect in some small way the generosity God has shown us in Jesus: that while he had everything, he gave it all away for us, so that we might have what we could never earn on our owna relationship with God.

So the way we talk about money – and the way we use our money – is a response to God’s grace.

Not a response to feeling guilty or manipulated, or feeling that God will bless us if we give to him – as if he needs anything from us. Giving is about participating in what God is doing in the world, and having the opportunity to show generosity to those around us.

Village Church Bank Details

If you’re at the point where you’re keen to start supporting the work of the gospel through Village Church, then here’s how you can give electronically:

Account Name: Village Church
Account BSB: 034 001
Account Number: 649755