Village Church is a diverse community, so there are lots of causes, people and ministries that individuals support. As a community though, we have the opportunity to highlight, pray for and financially support a few different ministries outside of our own context, as well as respond corporately to any pressing needs that might arise. So you can see our Gospel Partners below, but first have a read about our Christmas Appeal for 2015.

2015 Christmas Appeal

[ut_one_half]Each year we have a Christmas Appeal where we try to help those in need, outside of our own context, and bless them financially and prayerfully. In the past we’ve bought a bus for an orphanage in Mongolia, helped to plant a church in Tsunami stricken Sendai (Japan), and helped rebuild houses and provide food for families devastated by the typhoon in the Philippines. Over the past 4 years of Christmas Appeals, the MPC congregations (Village inclusive) has sent nearly $90,000 overseas to help those in need.

This year we’ll be supporting the work of The Refuge, a small refugee camp caring for 20 families in Soran, Northern Iraq. We have a firsthand link with Tim Buxton, who is serving there with World Orphans. $100 (US) feeds a family for a month. Our aim is to feed all 20 families for a year ($24,000). Watch the video to learn more about the appeal. If you’d like to donate, head over to the giving page for bank details, using the reference “VC Christmas
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You can learn more about the Buxton’s and their work in Northern Iraq here.

Gospel Partners

We have chosen 3 Gospel Partners who we will support & pray for as a community. These Gospel Partners align with Village Church’s vision for seeing people come to know Jesus and grow to be like him, they’re connected to us relationally (which makes it easier to know what’s going on in their lives and pray for them), and we think they’re doing really strategic work. You can read about them below.

[ut_one_third]birchleys[/ut_one_third] [ut_one_third]Papua New Guinea is a country ‘close to home’ for Australians, historically and geographically. It is also a nation of astonishing challenges: the population of 7.5 million people speak 20% of the world’s languages. Following decades of ministry in Australia, Keith and Marion will be part of a student ministry team equipping Christian leaders in Papua New Guinea. They long to see young people mature in Christ, despite the social and spiritual upheaval many face at this critical stage of life.[/ut_one_third] [ut_one_third_last][ut_button color=”theme-btn” target=”_self” link=”” size=”large” shape=”round” ]More about the Birchley’s[/ut_button][/ut_one_third_last]
[ut_one_third]evanseight2[/ut_one_third] [ut_one_third]John is married to Rose, who spent time in Japan as an exchange student, and they have five children: Asher (1998), Isabelle (2001), Lily (2004), Ivy (2007) and Jairus (2010). With the support of Mission Partners and Acts 29, the Evans family have moved to Chiba city. They’re currently completing two years of language study, an internship in a Japanese church, and planning, strategising and team-building for the Chiba CBD church plant, with an aim to launch the work some time in 2014.[/ut_one_third] [ut_one_third_last][ut_button color=”theme-btn” target=”_self” link=”” size=”large” shape=”round” ]More about the Evans[/ut_button][/ut_one_third_last]
[ut_one_third]qut[/ut_one_third] [ut_one_third]We meet in QUT, but we also have two people at Village Church – Nick Gauci (AFES) & James Woollett (Student Life) – who in 2015 will be working on campus to share the Gospel with students and help them to grow as Christians. It’s important, strategic and we’re really excited to be able to partner with them.[/ut_one_third] [ut_one_third_last][ut_button color=”theme-btn” target=”_self” link=”” size=”large” shape=”round” ]More about Nick[/ut_button] [ut_button color=”theme-btn” target=”_self” link=”” size=”large” shape=”round” ]More about James[/ut_button][/ut_one_third_last]