God: is he out there?

A six-week course exploring questions of life and faith

So, you are new to the whole Christianity thing. You’ve heard a bit about it but you are not exactly sure what to do next. You have some questions.

Questions like … Is God out there? If he is, so what? Can we really know he exists? And if he does exist, what’s he like? What does Jesus have to do with anything?

Join us for the next six weeks as we share a meal together, ask some of life’s big questions, and explore some of the answers that might be out there. Register your interest through the form below (mobile users click here).

Starting Tuesday, 20 August
6:30pm for dinner
7:15pm start
Urban Village Kelvin Grove
Week 1: If God exists, prove it then!
Week 2: If God exists, then what is he like?
Week 3: If God exists, what does it have to do with me?
Week 4: If God exists, then what’s wrong with the world?
Week 5: If God exists, what’s Jesus got to do with it?
Week 6: If all this is true, now what?