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[ut_dropcap style=”one”] S [/ut_dropcap]ince it’s nearly March, I thought it would be good to post another Krosswerdz update. Time flies.

Krosswerdz Brisbane is in our 5th year, praise God. I remember sitting in my Browns Plains office with Warren 5 years ago, the week before our first service. We were scared, confused and wondering if we were worthy or capable of running Krosswerdz. We didn’t know what it would look like, who would come and how things would go. All we knew was that we wanted to share the Gospel and we were surrounded by young people who needed to hear it.

[ut_one_half] 5 years on we can see more then ever how good God has been to us. We ran our first event last Saturday (21/2/15) and it was great to see old and new faces show up. We had people from all different cultures (some believers and some not) all coming together to hear rap and to hear from the Bible. We broke bread and had an incredible time of fellowship and building new relationships throughout the day. We have around 6 services planned out this year as well as UPROCK and we’re also performing at EASTERFEST (although I think we are going to sneak in a Toowoomba ‘Krosswerdz’ service on stage as they’ve given us an hour).

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But for me personally, God has provided me with some incredible opportunities in the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre (BYDC), which I find myself drawn to. Believe me, it’s hard to get in there, yet I have been gifted beautiful opportunities which I hadn’t even been seeking out. Praise God.

Last year I was running music workshops in the centre, which was great but this year I have been handed a program, which is incredible (check out MMAD, they are the amazing organisation who got me in there). We are now running a radio show called ‘Breakfree’. It’s too much to explain here but please hit me up if you want to find out more. It’s beautiful, empowering for the young people and I have seen so many positives come out of it already).

[ut_one_half] Now I’m in the centre two classes a week and I have been praying for more time in there. God has provided that. We are so excited (and nervous, and a touch numb, but good numb) to announce that ‘BYDC’ has accepted a Biblical Ethics program for the young people. This program is called ‘Life Matters’ and it’s aim is for young people to look at some questions (like ‘What is a Father’ and ‘What is the point of life and who decides that for us’) and to hear what the Bible says about these questions. It’s got a mix of Hip-Hop, I am Second testimonies and relevant scripture passages that focus on the question at hand. It runs for 6 weeks and it looks like I have been given 1 to 2 classes per week depending on numbers. This is officially a Krosswerdz/Village partnership in delivering this program to the youth.
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I’ve typed too much. Please keep this in your prayers. This is really exciting and a great opportunity for young people to hear how much God loves them and how important they are in his eyes. Please also pray for me because this is new territory but I’m very comforted by knowing that God will use everything (especially my flaws) to bring Glory to him. If you would like more prayer points then please ask, it is greatly appreciated and I am so thankful for the support that I constantly receive from the Village fam.