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VC Community Team Update – Feb 2015

[ut_one_half] [ut_dropcap style=”one”] J [/ut_dropcap]esus calls us to love our neighbours, and to love our neighbours we need to know them!

Our local community in Kelvin Grove is home to a large number of people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, with a mix of those who have moved here for study and those who have migrated permanently from across Brisbane or across the globe. We want to love our local neighbourhood in Kelvin Grove, by forming relationships with them and serving them practically.
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Plans for the Community Team this year:

International Women’s Day – Morning Tea

We’re partnering with The Exchange in the Kelvin Grove Village to host a morning tea for International Women’s Day. Our hope is that Kelvin Grove women from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds can come together, get to know each other and build community as we get to know our neighbours. We would love Village Church women to come and be part of it! Kids are welcome!

Thursday 12 March – 10am
The Exchange, 81 Musk Ave Kelvin Grove.
All women and kids welcome!

Community Garden

We have applied for a community garden plot in the Kelvin Grove Community Garden in Kundu Park. Village Church is currently on the waiting list, but once we get our spot we would love a team of avid gardeners or those with a wannabe green thumb to make our garden grow, and chat to others who are part of the community garden who are doing the same!

English Conversation

One important way we can serve the people of the urban village is to be involved with English conversation buddy program, facilitated through The Exchange. The program builds friendship and mutual understanding between friendly locals (us!) and those new to Australia who are wanting to improve their English and make local friendships. Many people in the Village Community have been involved with this program in the past, and we want to encourage people to get involved again!

Become a regular

But you don’t need to wait to be involved in an organised program to get to know our neighbours! Commit to spending time in our local Kelvin Grove community and forming relationships through becoming a regular at a cafe or restaurant in the area, join the Urban Village choir, kick the ball around in Kulgun Park before church, or any other way that enables forming relationships with those around our neighbourhood.

There is also lots of space to identify potential new serving projects and activities for involvement in our local neighbourhood, so get involved in loving our Kelvin Grove neighbours through the Community Team and bring your ideas! For more information sign up here or talk to Bridget on Sundays.