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Easter Sunday (Mark 15:42-16:8)

By November 2nd, 2022Mark, Talks

Dead people don’t rise from the dead. Well, they only do if they are zombies or ghosts! And we know just how real they are. This is the place where the resurrection of Jesus is often placed. In the realm of fantasy and fairy tale. It just isn’t real. Dead people don’t rise from the dead! But yet, the theme of resurrection runs throughout many stories in our culture. Movies and shows with last-minute turnarounds and surprises clutter our streaming services. Death feels so wrong and unnatural. We feel robbed by time stolen from the passing of our loved ones. We thirst for life and spurn death. When someone dies we say “RIP-Rest in Peace” but if there is no life after death then where is the Resting in Peace? Our world is crying out for more. Crying out for the possibility that there might be more to life than what is in front of our eyes. Crying out for hope. And that hope is what we will be looking at this Sunday. Not only looking at, but celebrating and enjoying.

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