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For those meeting in Community Groups this week, here are the application questions for Study Two: In God We Trust?

Hearing God’s words has got to be a way of life for God’s people. That’s the key to making good choices: to allow every impulse, every idea, every decision to be shaped, corrected, and directed by God himself as he speaks to us.

1. Generally speaking, why do we find it so hard to listen? What makes it even harder when it comes to hearing God’s voice?

2. In 2 Timothy 2:8 Paul says to‘Remember Jesus Christ’. Why do you think he says that? What does it mean to ‘remember Jesus’?

Moses says that listening to God’s words leads to an attractive obedience – a way of life that will draw others in.

3. Thinking honestly about your life, how attractive do you think it is to outsiders? If someone would look in on your life from the outside, would what they see attract them?

The only way to ‘happily’ keep on sinning is if we first silence God. Repentance is essentially removing your fingers from your ears so that you can hear God again and start acting on what he says.

4. How can we make sure that we, as a community group, help on another stay saturated by God’s words – especially when we’re attempting to silence God?

It’s worth remembering that when we do pull our fingers out of our ears we’re not met with words of judgement from God, but rather words of mercy: “The Lord your God is a merciful God; he will not abandon or destroy you.” – Deut. 4:31