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At the start of the year we ran an event called Village Boot Camp. It was an opportunity for us to think through the Sunday gathering, why we do what we do, and how we do it – as well as providing some hands-on training for certain areas of serving at church.

As Village continues to grow, we thought it best to try to capture what was discussed at Boot Camp and in conversation with one another who attended. What follows is our best attempt to provide a Style Guide for how we lead and participate in the formal part of our Sunday gathering. It’s not perfect, but it’s designed in part to capture and implement the “feel” of Village Church, as well as providing us all with a biblical foundation for our gathered worship.

So if you’re someone who’s involved in music, MCing, preaching, praying or reading the Bible up the front – or you’re just curious as to what sort of biblical conviction or thought process goes into shaping our order of service – then please download our Sunday Serving Guide (by clicking this link) and have a read!