[ut_service_column color=”#00882d” icon=”fa-forward” headline=”Next Steps Supper” margin_bottom=”20″ shape=”normal” align=”left” width=”half” effect=”fadeInUp” last=”false”] The first Sunday of every month we get together after the service (6:30) to give anyone who’s interested more information about Village Church.

You can have something to eat, meet some newcomers, hear what makes Village Church tick, and find out what your next steps could be. No pressure, no obligation. Come along and see for yourself.[/ut_service_column] [ut_service_column color=”#00882d” icon=”fa-group” headline=”Newcomers Group” margin_bottom=”20″ shape=”normal” align=”left” width=”half” effect=”fadeInUp” last=”true”]Four times a year we run a newcomers course. It goes for 5 weeks, it’s in one of our homes, and we’ll look at the foundations of Village Church:

  • The Gospel & Grace
  • How God Speaks
  • Community & Change
  • Sharing & Living the Gospel
  • Growing & Serving

We’ll have dinner together on the first and last nights, get to know each other, and you’ll be able to ask any questions you’ve got about Christianity, Village Church and why we do what we do. To come to the next one, just drop us a line and we’ll let you know when & where.