Village Academy

Village Academy is a ministry at Village Church that seeks to dig deeper into the questions of theology and the Christian life

Village Academy Term 4 – Mental Health & Pastoral Care

Humanity’s mental health has been damaged since Adam & Eve. But there’s a growing awareness – in society and church – that our mental health is getting worse overall, not better. What’s a Christian perspective on mental health? How can we as Christians appropriately take up the help God gives us, in medicine, psychology, Christian community and the Gospel itself? Members of our church family – mental health professionals and people sharing their own lived experience with mental health – will help us explore how to better care for our mental health together.

We will be meeting Tuesdays from 7:15pm-9pm at St. Paul’s 43 St. Paul’s Tce, Spring Hill.

Week 1. October 10
How God cares

Week 2. October 17
Care for myself

Week 3. October 24
Care for another

Week 4. October 31
Care as a church

Week 5. November 7
God’s word in care.