Village Academy

Village Academy is a ministry at Village Church that seeks to dig deeper into the questions of theology and the Christian life

Village Academy Term 2 – The Gift and Challenge of Church, Conversations and Community

What is the purpose of God’s church? What is the purpose of Village church? How do we build community at Village? How can and should we engage with our local communities? A key element to building communities is conversations, both private and public. How does God want us to listen to and speak to one another? This Village Academy course aims us help us all think about these questions more deeply and practically together.

We will be meeting Tuesdays from 7:15pm-9pm at St. Paul’s 43 St. Paul’s Tce, Spring Hill.

Week 1. April 30
The Gift of Church

Week 2. May 7
The Gift of Diversity

Week 3. May 14
The Gift of Welcoming

Week 4. May 21
The Gift of Communities

Week 5. May 28
The Gift of Conversation