Village Academy

New Course - Jesus among the gods. From 1st November 2022, 7-9pm

Village Academy is a ministry at Village Church that seeks to dig deeper into questions of theology and the Christian life.

Village Academy 2022 – Term 3
Jesus among the gods: World religions in a Christian perspective
Last year’s census showed that people of other religions, especially Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam, have increased to about 10% of people in Australia, largely through immigration. As you get to know new people, how well do you understand their religious background? The largest increase was in people identifying as ‘No religion’, now nearly 40%, often feeling that what religions offer, like meaning and morality, are better found elsewhere. Is it possible to see what others find valuable in these religious stances, even while knowing that Jesus is the only way to God? One 2-hour session on each religion won’t make us experts! But it might help us ask better questions as we seek to understand and love and share Jesus with all kinds of people.

Village Academy will run on Tuesday nights 7-9pm, Ithaca Presbyterian Church, 100 Enoggera Tce, Paddington.

Week 1. November 1
The way of Christ and other ways

Week 2. November 8
Hinduism: The Way of Release

Week 3. November 15
Buddhism: The Way of Enlightenment

Week 4. November 22
Islam: The Way of Submission

Week 5. November 29
‘No Religion’: My Way