Every year at Village Church (in partnership with MPC) we use Christmas as a launch pad for a project of extraordinary generosity. We love to find a deep need
somewhere in the world where we can make a substantial difference by focusing our resources, and giving sacrificially. This year, we fed an entire refugee camp in Iraq, through the work of our partners there.

[ut_one_half] christmasappeal
[/ut_one_half] [ut_one_half_last] Last month a severe storm ripped through that area, and tore many of the refugee tents to shreds. The team have switched into top gear with their Tents-to-Homes Project, and are replacing the tents with inexpensive concrete block homes for each family at a cost of around $AU2,100 each. They’re small – around the size of a garden shed. But they’re air-conditioned, safe and secure. We’ve promised our partners there our support for this project with our 2015 Christmas Appeal. Village Church and Rockhampton Presbyterian Church have agreed to join us in the challenge. Last year with our other partners, we raised over $AU50,000 – if we can do that again, we’ll be paying for around 25 houses!

If you would like to give you can do it with these details:

Account Name: Mitchelton Presbyterian Church
Account Number: 00903103
Account BSB: 064116
Reference: VC-Christmas