Village Church 2017 Weekend Away // March 10-12

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Village Church Weekend Away will be held at Camp Somerset this year. We’re booking the whole thing out! That’s right, unfettered access to a beautiful pool, a dam for swimming and kayaking and plenty of recreational and family fun activities planned throughout the weekend. Not to mention we’ll be hearing talks from guest speaker Steve Abbot on the topic of spiritual renewal. This isn’t a weekend you’ll want to miss!

If you haven’t registered yet, then click here!

There are two main options for accommodation, depending on your budget. You can see these outlined below. But our main goal is to have people come along, so if money is a problem, don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll work something out. If money absolutely isn’t a problem for you, consider giving a bit extra to help someone else out. All prices below include meals.

If the cost for you is obvious (i.e. you fall into exactly one of the categories below) you can transfer your money immediately using the information below. If you don’t, get in contact with us and we’ll talk about specifics. Any questions, just flick us an email.

Account Name: Mitchelton Presbyterian Church
Account Number: 00903103
Account BSB: 064116
Reference: [SURNAME]-VCWA17

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How to get there / When to arrive:

You can find the address and directions on the Camp Somerset webpage here. You can arrive anytime from 3pm on the Friday, and we need to be out of there by about 2pm on the Sunday. If you need a lift up / back, join the Facebook Event Group where people will be discussing that.

Be aware — it’s pretty bad mobile reception, so if you get lost you’re best to call the landline at the Camp Somerset office.

Accommodation / What to bring:

You can see a map of Camp Somserset at the bottom of this page. The cabins are around the central complex and swimming pool, with the camping being located next to the icon marked “barn”, a short walk away.

In the cabins, you can nominate who you want to stay with, so if you haven’t already and you’d like to, flick us a message. We’ll be making sure the cabins aren’t too crowded. You can see more information about the cabins by clicking here. For Sleeping – Linen (Single beds), Sleeping Bag, Pillow(s). If you’ve got kids, there are no cots for them, so please bring them with you.

Each of the Cabins includes a desk and chair and personal lockers. The dining / kitchenette is equipped with table and 6 chairs, refrigerator, double electric hot plate, microwave oven, electric toaster and jug. Each cabin has a three-way bathroom, carpeted common room with a 2 seater sofa and covered veranda. The Cabins have fans in them, but no air-conditioning.

For camping, there’s electricity and showers down at the site, but you’re going to need to bring everything else. If you’re short on stuff, I’m sure you can hook up with the other campers to share gear.


No matter your accommodation, we’ll all be eating together in the main hall. But if you’re coming up Friday night, be aware that dinner is NOT provided on Friday night, and the camp is quite remote. You will need to bring food up with you for that evening. If you’ve indicated you’ve got dietary requirements, we’ve passed this on to the cooks, so there’ll be a meal waiting for you.

Bringing the fun:

If you’ve got board games, sports equipment (there’s a tennis / basketball court and an oval), sing-star, cards…bring them along. Make sure you bring swimming gear as the pool is fantastic and we’re hoping to spend a lot of time in there. We’ll also be doing some kayaking on the Saturday.

Village is bringing our coffee machine, but if you’ve got a portable coffee machine (or Chemex, Aeropress, Plunger, etc) you might want to consider bringing that as well. Coffee is an important part of life. Alternatively, you might want to bring your tea selection and some tea-pots. Let’s make this a very civilised weekend.

Program: A more detailed program is coming, but in brief it’s:

Friday: Arrive from 3pm onwards. BYO dinner. Board games and chill all evening.
Saturday: Breakfast from 8:30am. Session 1 at 9:45am. Morning Tea at 10:45am. Session 2 at 11:15am. Lunch. Post-lunch fete / activities. 6pm dinner, followed by Trivia Night and free time.
Sunday: Breakfast at 8:30am. Session 3 at 9:45am. Free-time / pack-up until lunch at 1pm. Leave from 2pm.
Village will be having a combined service at 5pm back in Kelvin Grove with guest speaker Doug Green from QTC

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The whole weekend (all meals included)

Cabins –

Workers: $150
Non-Workers: $120
Couples: $260 total
Kids > 3: $10 (just paying for food)

Camping –

Workers: $100
Non-Workers: $80
Couples: $180 total
Kids > 3: $10 (just paying for food)
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Saturday & Sunday (all meals included)

Cabins –

Workers: $120
Non-Workers: $90
Couples: $200 total
Kids > 3: $10 (just paying for food)

Camping –

Workers: $80
Non-Workers: $60
Couples: $140 total
Kids > 3: $10 (just paying for food)
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Saturday only

Workers: $55
Non-Workers: $40
Kids > 3: $5
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