The God Who is Life (Exodus 12)

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As God’s plagues come to a terrifying conclusion, we see the first Passover happen before our eyes. And as God himself visits Egypt, the only thing coming between Israel and death is the blood of the lamb. This lamb is showing that death has already happened for the household, and is a shadow of the great reality of Christ, the Lamb of God who would take away the sins of the world.

The God Who is in Control (Exodus 7-10)

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When Pharaoh refused to let God’s people out of slavery, God sent 10 plagues to his country. But why? Why not start with the final plague, that actually worked? Because something greater is going on here: God is showing his power as the Creator, against the false gods of Egypt. And at the same time, God is showing the undoing of creation. This shows that the plagues aren’t only random acts of judgement, but that they are meant to save. When we refuse to worship God, we are warring against our Creator, and we are inviting chaos and uncreation into our lives.

The God Who is Known (Exodus 3)

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A name can say a lot about a person. But what does it mean for God to reveal his name? In this chapter, God reveals himself to Moses in a burning bush, giving Moses a mission and a promise.

The God Who is Faithful (Exodus 1-2)

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After four-hundred years of slavery, the Israelites could easily have felt that God had forgotten his promises. But through these events, God was at work to fulfil his promises to bless his people. And through his people multiplying, and through this little baby Moses, God begins to show us his great plan of redemption.