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The Sign of the Son (Matthew 15:32-16:23)

By Matthew, Talks

In this passage, we see people struggling to see Jesus clearly. With the crowds, with the Jewish religious leaders, and even with Jesus’ disciples, they struggle to see who Jesus is and why he’s here, because they struggle to see past their own pride, or expectations. But by the end of the passage, Jesus could hardly state it more clearly: He’s here to die, and anyone who follows him should expect to follow in his footsteps.

Jesus Makes No Sense (Matthew 13:1-23)

By Matthew, Talks

Jesus has just stepped down from the mountain (where he gave the Sermon on the Mount), and he shows us what he’s just been teaching about for three chapters: That he has the authority of God himself, over creation, and in his understanding of the Old Testament law. So in story after story, told in quick succession, we will see Jesus reversing people’s expectations of who God seeks out, reversing the curse of sin, and even reversing some of God’s own laws in the Old Testament, to show the new way that he was going to bring in through his kingdom, with the confronting glory of our all-powerful and all-merciful Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

“Jesus is Evil” (Matthew 12:22-50)

By Matthew, Talks

There are ways that Jesus confronts every culture, and Christians are forced to wrestle with Jesus’ call to follow him. In this talk, Jeremy walks us through a time when the religious leaders of Jesus’ time called him evil, and brings us into the modern days, to think about how we today can think through the ways that Jesus confronts our culture.