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Philip McGann

Jesus Makes No Sense (Matthew 13:24-53)

By Matthew, Talks

Jesus takes us through the parable of parables, where he explains how his teaching is both revealing and hiding his kingdom, depending on the hearts of his listeners. In the parable of the sower, Jesus gives us the image of his word falling on different soils. Each responds differently, and that shows their different hearts.

“Jesus is Evil” (Matthew 12:22-50)

By Matthew, Talks

There are ways that Jesus confronts every culture, and Christians are forced to wrestle with Jesus’ call to follow him. In this talk, Jeremy walks us through a time when the religious leaders of Jesus’ time called him evil, and brings us into the modern days, to think about how we today can think through the ways that Jesus confronts our culture.

Jesus Breaks His Own Rules (Matthew 12:1-21)

By Matthew, Talks

In this passage, we see Sabbath stories and servant songs. The Sabbath stories show us Jesus’ compassion for those in need, and the cold hearts of the Pharisees, in making love illegal on the Sabbath. In the servant songs, we hear about why Jesus has this beautiful heart: Because he’s the Spirit-filled, suffering servant, whose heart goes out to all the bruised reeds and flickering wicks of the world.

Jesus Isn’t Credible (Matthew 11:1-30)

By Matthew, Talks

To many, it can seem like Jesus and Christianity are good enough for others, but there isn’t enough to make them want to change, or give up their lives. But Jesus doesn’t give us this option. In this talk, Jeremy helps us wrestle with Jesus’ words, and his challenge to overturn each of our lives.