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Philip McGann

The Sign of the Son (Matthew 15:32-16:23)

By Matthew, Talks

In this passage, we see people struggling to see Jesus clearly. With the crowds, with the Jewish religious leaders, and even with Jesus’ disciples, they struggle to see who Jesus is and why he’s here, because they struggle to see past their own pride, or expectations. But by the end of the passage, Jesus could hardly state it more clearly: He’s here to die, and anyone who follows him should expect to follow in his footsteps.

Mary’s Song (Luke 1:46-56)

By Christmas, Luke, Talks

In the lead up to Christmas, we’re going to be singing a lot of carols and Christmas songs. But in this three-week mini-series, we will be going all the way back to the original Christmas story, to hear some of the songs that were sung about the birth of Jesus. In this talk, we look at Mary’s song of joy and faith, and how it points us to the Christmas story.

A Tale of Two Sons (Isaiah 7:2-16)

By Isaiah, Talks

In this one-off talk before the carols, we see two young boys explain God’s kingdom to a proud and fearful king. Because God’s kingdom is so simple that even (or especially) a child can understand it: Trust in your Father, who has done provided everything for you in Jesus, and depend on him.

Surprised by Grace (Jonah 3)

By Jonah, Talks

Jonah finally arrived at Nineveh, and gives his sermon. And against all odds, the people turn to God. As a prophet, should have been Jonah’s dream. But God loves to work through weak and broken people to show his strength and glory. And so, God is powerfully at work, even through this reluctant, cold-hearted prophet.