Extra Ordinary Story

An Extra Ordinary Faith (Luke 1:46–55)

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When an angel appears to Mary, bringing her good news from God, she doesn’t straight away believe it. Rather, her journey toward faith happens in stages. In this talk, we look at how Mary’s journey can teach us many things about our own journeys, and that when it comes to trusting God, we have an even greater reason than Mary did.

An Extra Ordinary Visit (Luke 2:8-20)

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Sometimes it hurts to find ourselves on the outside. We feel rejected or looked-over or very, very ordinary. But when God began his great work in our world by sending his son, Jesus, he first appeared to some lowly shepherds out in a field. Far from coming to the “important” people first, God displayed his glory to those people at the bottom of the social ladder. This shows us how God’s salvation is for everyone – from the greatest to the least. No matter who you are, Jesus Christ came to love and serve you, and God shows us our value by entrusting his message of salvation to ordinary people like us.

Extra Ordinary Birth (Luke 2:1-7)

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When it comes to how we tell the traditional Christmas story, there are a few things that don’t quite add up. In this talk, Sam unpacks how the birth of Jesus would have looked a lot more ordinary than we usually think. And this shows us how our God loves to work through weak, ordinary, broken people and places. Because of this, we can expect that our extraordinary God will be working in all the ordinary parts of our lives.