(talk) Sing With Jesus (Psalm 91)

Humanity may be fragile and frail. But those who rest in the shadow of the Almighty don’t have to fear destruction. In this talk, Phil Campbell takes us through Psalm 91 and traces the psalmist’s words through the Bible until they’re found on the lips of Jesus and the devil as they go head to head in the desert.

(talk) Psalm 131: A Heart at Peace

What does it feel like to have a heart at peace? How can we wean ourselves off of the gifts of God to get to a place where we’re content to simply have God himself – to sit in his lap like a little child? In this talk, Philip McGann takes us through the Psalm which is thought to be the “easiest to read and hardest to learn.” And he provides helpful tips along the way to check the health levels of our fickle human heart.

Psalm 73 talk

Talk: Psalm 8

Garnet Swan on the place of man in God’s creation.

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Talk: Psalm 82

Are you a leader? You need to hear Psalm 82.

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Talk: Psalm 130

Here’s a great Psalm for diagnosing where you’re at with God.


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