(Talk) Isaiah 65: A New Creation

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In the last part of Isaiah’s vision he pictures the final piece of God’s solution to the problems in the world. Not only a spiritual solution, but a physical solution that removes the pain and hurt we experience now.

(Talk) Isaiah 56: A New People

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One of the issues in Israel as outlined in the first half of the book is that injustice & unrighteousness were rife. But in the last 10 chapters we see the new people that God is creating – new people with new hearts.

(Talk) Isaiah 54-55: The Invitation

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After Isaiah 53 where we’ve seen the work of the servant – that he would bear away the sin of the people – what does it look like to live in a relationship with God without the sin coming between us? That’s what the invitation is to in Isaiah 54-55.

(Talk) Isaiah 40 – Comfort, comfort my people

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After 39 Chapters of judgement, with only glimmers of hope, we now see God turning to his people who have lost everything to tell them of the comfort he offers and the comfort to come in Jesus.

(Talk) Isaiah & Idolatry

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One of the central problems Isaiah says Israel has is idolatry. Not a problem we normally associate with our modern day and age, but that’s because we haven’t really grasped what Idolatry is.

(Talk) In whom do you trust: Isaiah 36-39

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One of the driving questions in the first half of Isaiah is who Judah are going to trust. Will it be themselves, Egypt, Assyria…or will it be God?

(Talk) Judgement & Epidemics – Isaiah 13-27

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This centre section of Isaiah is an extended explanation of God’s judgement on Israel, Judah and all the surrounding nations. It’s brutal. And to our western culture, offensive. So why is it that judgement here is followed by hope? How can people praise a God who judges like this? How do God’s love and God’s judgement interact?

(Talk) Looking for a better leader – Isaiah 6-12

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Last week we saw the problems within Judah: corruption, self-centredness, oppression & false worship. But the problem isn’t just with the community, the problem extends to the leadership as well.

(Talk) Isaiah 1-5: Looking for a better city

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The Old Testament book of Isaiah is God’s vision, given to Isaiah about what’s wrong with Israel, but how he’s going to fix more than Israel, he’s going to fix the whole world. In this talk we’re going to look at Jerusalem: a beautiful but broken city.