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An Extra Ordinary Christmas

An Extra Ordinary Birth (Luke 2:1-7)

By An Extra Ordinary Christmas, Talks

Most of life is not as exciting as the Christmas season! There are lots of things we do which seem mundane or just plain ordinary. So where does the Christmas story fit into our day-to-day lives? The story sounds so magical and fantastical, but what does it have to do with getting up for work, washing the dishes, or running errands? In this talk, we hope to see the Christmas story from another angle and see how it is good news for a Monday morning.

An Extra Ordinary Visit (Luke 2:8-20)

By An Extra Ordinary Christmas, Talks

Have you ever experienced a time in your life when you felt like you were left on the shelf? A time when you were rejected or abandoned or dismissed? A time that made you feel like you were worthless, expendable, unnoticed, just plain ordinary? Maybe you feel that’s the story of your life. It can leave you feeling emotionally drained. Today we are going to meet a group of shepherds who fit many of these descriptions. And as we meet them, we are going to see the difference it can make when you are the one who receives an extraordinary message from the living God.