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Christianity isn’t complicated. It’s deep and profound – but at its heart it’s a very simple message. The story of a world created, gone wrong & being fixed by a loving God.

So starting March 3 at Village Church, we’re going to spend 5 weeks boiling the Christian message down to its bare essentials. We’ll look at the first days (creation), dark days (the fall & sin), Jesus, last days (death & judgement) and culminate on Easter Sunday by looking at Today.

So if you’ve ever been confused by the myriad of messages out there, or you’ve got a friend who’s been asking questions, bring them along for this series to help them piece it together. It’ll be a short talk (20 mins), we’ll be having a short break, and then we’ll be answering peoples questions.

If you’re a Christian, or you want to read more about these topics, you can grab this book for $10 which talks about these topics in more details.