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Team Update – Q2 2014

Some of this you’ll probably know, but here’s an update for those who are interested what we the team does with it’s time.


Over the past few months I could probably break my time up into three areas. First, in terms of preaching, I’ve been doing the Grace Changes Everything series at St Paul’s Presbyterian (Spring Hill) while they don’t have a minister, as well as the Song of Songs series. I was particularly thankful for the graciousness of many during the Song of Songs series in dealing with some confronting topics, and for the way he challenged others through His Word about how to define themselves. Second, as mentioned on the first page, I’ve been visiting Growth Groups and talking to people about evangelism. I’ve been really encouraged by people’s passion for seeing their friends come to know Jesus, but have also realised that many feel a sense of guilt and frustration that they’re not “doing enough”. I want to change this perception, and help us rethink what it looks like to speak naturally about the person who has changed & shaped our lives. Lastly, I’ve been working on some how we keep helping people connect with each other.


Getting to know all of you better has been my greatest joy over these last few months. What I’ve always admired about Village is how relational we are as a church. Steph and I continue to benefit from your kindness and generosity over and over again; you’re such a blessing!

The great thing about knowing you guys better is being able to – as a team – better care for, lead, and equip Village Church. These past few months have seen great progress amongst Growth Groups, both at the level of leadership – with more groups starting up, and at a fundamental level – getting more people (like new comers) connected into Village Church.

I’ve also had my fingers in both evangelism and discipleship; helping to think through how we as a church can best love and serve those who don’t yet know Christ and those who wish to grow in their Christian maturity.

Lastly, my greatest honour this past term was being able to open up the book of Zephaniah and explore what God was saying to us from this obscure prophet. There’s something to be said about your generosity that you would allow me to get up the front on a Sunday night. So thanks, Village, for the way you’ve loved me and Steph so well!


It’s been a good few months since the last update here in the Village office for me. I got to deliver a sermon series at Wavell Heights Presbyterian Church while the minister there was on holidays for a few weeks. I’ve also been taking a more active role teaching Kids Church at MPC on Sunday mornings and have had a few blocks teaching at Village Kids. I’ve found it really challenging communicating to kids what the Bible says in a simple and clear way—it’s something I’d love to get better at. Teaching religious instruction to the grade ones and twos at Kelvin Grove State College has also been a lot of fun. Other than that, I’ve been busy meeting up with Villagers during the week and the usual helping out with organising, running, and improving our Sunday services. I’m looking forward to the rest of the year!


My job description is a bit different to Deon and Nat: I’m split between Mitchelton Presbyterian Church and Village. So I’ve been serving newcomers coffee at MPC in the mornings. I’ve been teaching grade 1’s & 2’s RE at Kelvin Grove with Deon. And for Village I’ve been running a growth group, I’ve been helping to run Sundays, and I’ve been making snazzy/pretentious videos that we play during the service.

This term, I’ve preached a short series on the letters in Revelation at both Village and MPC, as well as at St Paul’s Presbyterian and Wilston / Windsor Presbyterian. I’ve also run an evangelistic ministry called Gospel Theatre, which contrary to what it sounds like, is a monthly event with a panel/talk/Q&A format focussing on issues like the meaning of life, materialism, body image, and the pursuit of pleasure. I will continue to run Gospel Theatre this term with a slightly different format and aim. I’ll also be running a Bible theology course with Deon, starting from the beginning of August.


The last few months have been so exciting for me. I’ve been blessed with incredible chances to share the Gospel.

I had the amazing experience of running 4 Church services in the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre. These were a great opportunity to share with the young people the story of Zacchaeus and how Jesus love for him shaped his actions. I am also in the centre more and more running Hip-Hop workshops and linking with the Chaplain.

I have also had the chance to study at QTC, which has been great. I have completed a few subjects now, which I have found challenging and edifying. I have also enjoyed working on and writing talks for St. Pauls and Village Church.

Krosswerdz Hip-Hop Church, which I co-run, has held many different Church services in locations such as MPC, the valley, Forest Lake and Redbank plains. These services are a way of sharing the Gospel through sermons and the elements of Hip-Hop.