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So this week we’re looking at John 1:1-18.

But as we read through the Gospel, you might want to read John 1-2.

Passage big idea

If you’re going to write a Gospel in the hope that people believe in the guy you’re writing about (John 20:31), it’s a fair question to ask – why are we even talking about believing in this guy? As well as raising some of the major themes that John is going to develop in this book, he gives us a starting point as to why we need to talk about Jesus.

Because Jesus is the source of life.

Passage structure

Passage observations that support idea that Jesus is the source of life (from Beasley-Murray with tweaks from Derek Hanna):

Creation: (v.1-5)

The Word was with God in the beginning, and was the means of creation (v.1-3).
In the Word is life and the light of men. (v.4-5)

Witness: (v.6-8)

John came to witness to us about this light (v.6-8)

Responses: (v.9-13)

People didn’t recognise their creation and God when he came… (v.9-11)
But to those who did were given new life from God (v.12-13)

Revelation: (v.14-18)

The Word (Creator) lived amongst his creation, and his glory was seen (v.14-15)
The source of all life is God himself. And God’s revealed in Jesus (v.16-18)

Some things to look out for in this passage:

– A lot of the themes developed throughout this Gospel are raised in the first 18 verses. In fact many would go as far as saying that the rest of the Gospel is really just an explanation of these first 18 verses.
– John’s Gospel is carefully crafted. It’s a work of art. Many scholars argue that these first 18 verses are a chiastic structure where the centre of the chiasm tells us the ultimate point being driven at. Here’s it’s verse 12.

Some ways this passage might apply to us:

– We often think life comes from what we have, or we look for explanations through science. John says it’s found in neither of those places.
– John puts forward that not only is Jesus God, but that our natural reaction is to shy away from him. Do you think that’s true?
– It’s MASSIVE if Jesus is God. It has implications for every area of life. We need to know and explore that.